Month: May 2015

The origins of ‘Bad Bots’: Which countries to worry about

This is a contributed piece from Rami Essaid, Co-Founder and CEO of Distil Networks Almost 60% of today’s internet traffic is non-human, up more than 30% in the past year alone, and more than a third of that non-human bot traffic is malicious. The Distil Networks 2015 Bad Bot Landscape Report revealed that certain countries […]

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Most hated internet innovations of all time: Pop-ups, spams, captchas, cookies and more

By Jerin Mathew May 15, 2015 10:30 BST 1 7 A man types on a computer keyboard(Reuters) While they are noteworthy inventions from technology geniuses, pop-ups, viruses, spams and captchas are widely considered as headaches for the internet community. Despite the fact that some of the innovations are used by marketers to generate more revenue, […]

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